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    | The Black Widow skateboard deck by Pat Fox of Apollo Collective |

    TheDailyBoard.tumblr.com | With Great Ideas, Comes Great Skateboards

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    Gádor nos sacó esta foto a Murcia y a mí el otro día en Santiago.

    Tailes para mí.


  4. 1:10

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    Char and Alex, these guys make a cute couple. East Van Grom Squad

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    The Longboard girls crew presents OPEN. If you have seen the trailer yet, we would highly recommend you do so!  https://vimeo.com/76468576

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    I got the coffees broo!

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  9. Prélude du Passé #5

    With Zora - Longboard Larry Komodo TT

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    He barely cleared that shit, this gives me anxiety.

    shit dude

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    Resource Distribution: Foreign Exchange Europe 2013 - Skate Episode 1

  15. Prélude du Passé #4

    Wilth Laurent Gobillot and Morgan Preioni

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