1. whatdoyouthrash:

    Theotis Beasley

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  4. emgeemann:

    VULFPECK /// Wait For The Moment.

    A funky solution to your mid-Monday blues. Truly superb. -MG

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  5. cityblightsmagazine:

    Always dreaming of ABQ.  

    Ross Porter, tail end of a frontside 360 slide on Dave A’s favorite extension during the event that doesn’t exist.   Que Burque!

  7. jgrantbrittain:

    Sonny Miller (RIP) lays down a Bertlemann slide at the Avo Bowl in Fallbrook in the early 80s. Sonny was an early San Diego skateboarder and one of the early snowboarders. He was a great friend to many people all over the world. Photo: Brittain @sonnymillerfilms #sonnymiller #sandiego #cardiff #encinitas @republicofencinitas #billbilling #avobowl #fallbrook #surfphotographer #skatephotographer #skateboarding #grantbrittain #harmonygrove

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    Happy Birthday MAHK !

    Thank you MAWB !!!

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    Oh road porn

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  13. gk2nist:

    Sarah Vaughan - I’ll Be Seeing You

    No strings, no orchestra, just the lady and her voice accompanied by a piano, bass and drums in a roomful of people. Very quiet people.


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    Berlin Sessions 


  15. cxnsored:

    I love this

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